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“Proximity Advertising without the installation of beacons”

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Connecting what's around with existing wireless infrastructure

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“All files, all devices, all platforms, one click… It’s about time.”

NewAer | SDK

Add low power proximity actions to your app for all wireless devices

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“Proximity customizations and actions for your Android device”


 The NewAer Advantage

All Devices

With our SDK you can build proximity events in your applications for any type of devices. Now Android and Windows can speak beacon.

All Platforms

Why can’t they all just get along? Well with the NewAer Proximity Platform serving as the messenger, they can.

All Beacons

With our SDK you can trigger any action from any beacon: be it another mobile device, a WiFi access point, to a Cell Tower, as well as iBeacons.  Pop-up notifications are amateur hour. We move API events.

Proximity Platform in a Nutshell


A smartphone, tablet, or laptop scans the area for any active radio transmitters.


A fingerprint is made of all the devices in the area.


NewAer’s cloud-based engine analyzes the fingerprint.


The device then triggers an action on itself or in the cloud.

"Best product I've seen for a while"

− George Dy

"Toothtag is a game changer"

− Michael Tippett

"Makes smartphones smart"

− Android SPIN

"It’s like a real world scripting language"

− Chris Sacca

"Putting the smart in smartphone"

− David Young

The Platform
in Action


Share is the easiest way to exchange files between any nearby laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Proximity advertising without spamming customers. Kiosk uses the NewAer Proximity Platform to present unique offers then enable redemption with Passbook coupons.


“Tag” people, places or things based on their wireless presence and set rules like call forwarding, drop pins, or check in.

Developers, Build With NewAer.

Share is just one example of what is possible with the NewAer Proximity Platform. If you think you could build something like Share or want to add low power, lightweight proximity to your app, grab the NewAer SDK!

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More Questions about NewAer?

Do you have more questions about NewAer’s Proximity Platform, please feel free to browse our FAQ’s or contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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