Proximity Platform SDK

Now your apps can communicate peer-to-peer with our lightweight wireless device discovery and messaging platform as drop-in module. In the past, mobile operating systems would control all communications from buried system settings menus, but when two or more NewAer devices are in a room, they can see one another over our framework. If a wearable or broadcasting iBeacon is nearby, you can use those as in-room push triggers in your apps.

Discover all nearby wireless devices in addition to iBeacons
Communicate peer-to-peer without cellular signals or WiFi data.
Automate onboarding to your application in app or perform pattern matching in the cloud.

Download the the SDK

If you are considering iBeacon support for your app and want to expand to peer-to-peer device messaging without hardware; download our Proximity Platform SDK to see the future.

 The NewAer Advantage

All Devices

You can build apps for all popular device types, from Windows machines running huge monitors to inexpensive Android tablets, and of course all Apple devices.

All Platforms

Windows with BTLE, Apple iBeacon and Android as well – Why can’t they all just get along? With NewAer serving as the messenger, they now can.

All Beacons

Use anything as a beacon: another mobile device, a WiFi access point, a connected printer, as well as inexpensive Bluetooth Smart tags, or even wearables.

All Radios, No Pairing Necessary.

Gps: 65-300ft

Cellular: 500-1000ft

Wi-Fi: 50-500ft

Bluetooth: 3-300ft

NFC: < 1 inch

Endless possibilities

NewAer’s Proximity Platform changes the rules in whats possible with proximity. No longer are you limited to just one beacon input signal. Pick any number of WiFi, Bluetooth, or Bluetooth Smart signals. NewAer creates automated peering within the environment where all existing radios communicate.



Cloud Based Power

NewAer’s Proximity Platform exists on device or in the cloud.
This allows you to have much more flexibility with who or what your app is
communicating with while also ensuring a robust ability to
push rules to your applications if needed.

All Devices |  Low Power  | No Extra Hardware

 The Platform
in Action


Share is the easiest way to exchange files between any nearby laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Proximity advertising in it’s most efficient form. Kiosk uses the NewAer Proximity Platform to affect customers without the need for beacons.


“Tag” people, places or things based on their wireless presence and set rules like call forwarding, drop pins, or check in.

GPS vs Proximity


High Power


Outdoors Only


No Presence


Low Power





Proximity Platform in a Nutshell


A smartphone, tablet, or laptop scans the area for any active radio transmitters.


A fingerprint is made of all the devices in the area.


NewAer’s heuristic engine analyzes the fingerprint.


An action is triggered on the device or in the cloud.

More Questions about our SDK?

Do you have more questions about our SDK or NewAer’s Proximity Platform, please feel free to browse our FAQ’s or contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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