NewAer is on a mission to re-think the way that we leverage ambient radio waves. We grew tired of telling our phones what to do, and made smartphones autonomous and truly smart. But we are not keeping this in-house, as we built our proximity framework as a platform for other developers to leverage.

Our team, founders and advisors have been building products for the Internet long before hypertext transfer protocol – on dial-up shell accounts! We have invented some of the most hacked and cutting edge technologies, and push the envelope of what is possible every day. That awesome yet hard work has garnered many awards, even a Best Technology when we introduced ToothTag. Check out our “who we are” page for more details of our team’s past work.

We are looking for business, project managers, back-end and especially mobile focused developers who think outside the box, and are hackers at heart. Can you make the impossible possible with amazing code? Tell us your story of how our mobile mission resonates with your future. If we see a match, we will holler back! We have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Las Vegas and New York, so we’ve got plenty of spots for you to pick a seat in.

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