2013 August

Did Minority Report hold the keys to our marketing future?

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At the VentureBeat Mobile Beat conference we did a behind-the-scenes interview and demo of our Kiosk marketing solution.  The writer Dylan Tweney makes some great analogies to the movie Minority Report, which used visual recognition to identify Tom Cruise as he walked down shopping mall corridors.

We’ve seen this technology, using a live video app to identify your name in real-time on the iPhone, from our friends at Face.com (now purchased by Facebook and the technology shelved) which could have used a content system to deliver an ad to those faces identified.

As cool as the movie is, there is no way to opt out of the sci-fi eyeball identification technology that Hollywood employed.  We believe that using a device’s radio waves, emitted form most every transmitting gadget these days was the right path to take, as these could be turned off at-will by the participants.

So will you opt into more information as you react in a “heads up” manner, not buried in your phone in the real world?

Our Kiosk story from VentureBeat.  We are not in the business of pre-crime, but pre-purchase and buying intent.  Say you encounter some “smart ads” the next time that you are at the mall – will you opt-in for more information?  Or will you remain head down, buried in your phone while the rest of us are in the real world?  Lets make things interesting at retail!