Automation and AR + VR with NewAer

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The team At NewAer loves the term automagic. It’s what drives us to build our software. It means whatever devices within your environment know the context of other devices in the space around you. This means that services attached to those digital things can anticipate your needs. We are used to having this in the web world online with Cookies. They remember our passwords and what you have placed in shopping carts online.

Since most of us can leave our homes without forgetting a smartphone these days, yet comfortably overlook bringing keys or a wallet, we think that the mobile phone as a key to your digital life is the right idea. This is the basis for what we call anticipatory computing.

So for our digital world to really hum along, we need automagic, anticipatory computing made possible by a “cookie for the real world.” This is the big idea that we’ve been working on.

Think about an implementation like this: You walk into your home, and the lighting and music are curated just for you, nearly like Bill Gates’ house did with custom equipment and programming that only he could afford in 1996.

That type of automation is still not happening today, 20 years later. When you tell a voice interface like Amazon Echo or Apple Siri to play your favorite music, these only follow voice recognition, not the identity of who’s speaking. That means the device is registered to only one account and has no idea if it should play your favorite songs, or the person who lives with you. Some voice interfaces even ask you to read a pin aloud if you switch users. Talk about archaic. Logins and pins should happen in the background with proximity measurement of radio waves like NewAer offers.

Furthermore, if the world of Virtual Reality picks up for gaming like we think it will, there is no better way to add your nearby friends as characters into the game you are playing than by using a platform like the NewAer SDK. Instead of scanning barcodes like the app Snapchat or the old messenger BBM does, proximity onboarding just happens automatically in the digital world when someone approaches you in the physical world. Again, the ultimate hands-free experience by using our SDK of Blue Tooth Low Energy to detect an identity within the virtual world.

This summer we are speaking and debuting software at Founders Forum in London, VivaTech in Paris, Tech Open Air in Berlin, and are meeting with our licensing partners in cities all over Europe. We’d love to talk to you about proximity and how we can make your mobile experiences automagical. Just click the Contact button and let us know where you are and lets meet on our European 2016 tour!

In the mean time, take a look at our Proximity Platform SDK by registering and downloading our software! It’s free for the first million API calls.