2011 June

Sharing some Mobile Love in Germany

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Today marks the day that we were supposed to be landing in sunny California, relaxing and reconnecting with friends and the rest of the team; talking about the adventure we have had on our European road show. We had great meetings, met some amazing people and will have some announcements on projects that we are going to be working on once all the legal stuff gets sorted out! More to come on that front.

This was a great trip socially too as the Black Eyed Peas played a rain delayed show in New York, London had a weekend music celebration, where it rained for only one day of it! Even Paris began their summer with a solstice music celebration with bands on nearly every street corner.

Whilst (which is fancy Brit speak for while in the US) in London we were lucky enough to be introduced to an advisor to the MLOVE conference www.mlove.com/mlove2011/ and submitted our gem showcase application ToothTag into the running for the startup competition. Would you guess we got accepted to present? Well, we did, and this means that we are staying another week in Berlin for new meetings and then head to the conference in the 100 room 19th century castle!

So are you going to be one of the “knights in the castle” at Mobile Love 2011? If so, we’d love to chat with you and see what you are up to!

Join us on our 2011 World ToothTag Tour!

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We just left San Francisco and are headed across the country, then onto the world for a NeuAer road show with our Proximity Platform, and we want to meet you!

Our voyage began in San Francisco with the Apple World Wide Developers conference, known to the 5,200 developers in attendance as WWDC. Steve Jobs looked thin when he took the stage as the audience rose in applause, but his keynote excited us with talk of a few of the 1,500 new iOS APIs. These are the software controls that applications like ours get access to on the iPhone and iPad. We cannot wait to get under the proverbial development hood and see which ones of them will give us the same user experience that we have with ToothTag on the Android platform today. While version 5 of Apple’s mobile operating system goes live in the fall, we are looking to see what magic we can make happen with ToothTag today!

Our favorite of these announcements is the “geofence” built into their Reminders application, which allows you to setup a pop-up reminder “when I arrive” or “when I leave” an area. This will be enabled through the iPhone maps application and sends a pop-up a message on-screen to remind you to do an action. So called “geofences” have been around on web portals for mobile phone companies for years, but this is the first time that it has the potential to hit the mainstream. This is a pre-cursor to what we are doing at NeuAer, so we are excited for more people to have visibility into our space! For those newbies to our company, our platform allows triggers not just around geo, or location, but also for people, places and things. It’s not just pop-ups either, but music, maps and actions on the phone as well as the automatic execution of web-based events like social media check-ins as well. Plus, we work inside buildings where geofencing typically works best outdoors.

After a day of meetings with old and new friends at WWDC, we are off to New York for Internet Week, which is like no other conference we have been to. It is scattered across the vast blocks of Manhattan and is a smattering of office open houses, sessions in performance halls and of course the obligatory rooftop cocktail hours. We are excited to get in front of some of our favorite Silicon Alley companies like foursquare, boxee and even some new companies with mixed case names like ours!

Next up is Tel Aviv where we will be sharing ToothTag with old and new friends; some of which we caught up with on Summit at Sea and at the Kinnernet conferences in Israel and Washington DC. Tel Aviv reminds us of San Francisco with cool architecture, a tight knit technology community and tons of innovation! Plus we cannot wait for the “tiny” salad bowls at lunch!

We round out the trip in London and Paris where we are meeting with partners in the communications space and would love to see other innovative companies!

So if you or your team are in any of these amazing cities through the end of June, let us know by sending an email to partners @ neuaer.com, or click on the contact form on our website. We will be in New York for Internet Week, Tel Aviv from the 13th through 17th, London and Paris on the 18th through 23rd. We’d love to chat about making your smartphone projects truly smart with the Proximity Platform from NeuAer!

While the sales and executive team is on the road, we want to thank some of the pictured crew back at home for making ToothTag the amazing product that it is today. Here’s to you guys and gals, and we will be sure to bring back some more great projects for the platform!