2014 September

Magnum Ice Cream’s M-Pulse Proximity app is live!

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The NewAer powered M-Pulse from Magnum has hit the UK iOS store!  It brings iBeacon + the NewAer Proximity Platform into one application.  You can find it at www.magnum-mpulse.com

Designed by Karmarama and programmed by Nice Agency, this application uses a combination of the NewAer Proximity Platform SDK along with StickNFind commercial grade iBeacons to make your smartphone truly smart!  After downloading and running the application your iPhone can now use its built in Bluetooth radio to let you know when your friends are nearby, as well as iBeacon enabled retail store coolers bringing you the ultimate digital ice-cream social!

Nothing beats time with friends... except time with friends and ice cream

Doodle from Libby @ libbydoodle.com

Since this app uses the latest wireless technology, when you install it, you need to enable some things in your iPhone…  But don’t worry, we’ve worked hard to make sure that they do not run down your battery like prior applications that use location around GPS satellites would.

First you need to turn on your Bluetooth by sliding the menu up up from the bottom of the iPhone screen and making sure the third circle icon that looks like a sideways bow tie is highlighted in white.  Then when you see the enable Bluetooth pop-up message within the application, click enable it to use this.  Then enable push notifications so that the updates work automatically.  Finally, you must enable the Bluetooth to be used in the background.  This lets the alerts for your friends to come through when the app is not running on the screen.  Don’t worry, we put a switch in side to let you turn off the push notifications on your own device if you do not want to be bothered.

That’s it!  You are now living in the future finding your friends with NewAer.  Your smartphone is now truly smart!

Download the M-Pulse app from www.magnum-mpulse.com or the iTunes store and click more for the press release and screenshots!

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A peek into your mobile future

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We’ve been Scobleized from our friend Robert Scoble.  Robert has been covering technology since he was inside of Microsoft in the early 2000’s, to the first podcasting network in the middle of that decade.

These days Robert interviews startups for Rackspace and their Small teams, Big impact project.  His latest book, Age of Context was before the world of “proximity” but he gets it like few others do.

It’s a 30-minute video, so longer form than most web views, but we dig into many use cases for next generation ambient computing and talk about the limitations of iBeacon.

Enjoy the show!