Introducing Kiosk – A tablet based marketing solution

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The NewAer team continues to charge forward as we debuted our newest product, Kiosk, to a full house of nearly 1000 attendees at Venture Beat’s  MobileBeat 2013 Innovation showdown.  Built as an iPad application on our SDK leveraging next generation BlueTooth Low Energy (BTLE), it automatically displays custom messaging to visitors in retail stores, restaurants or public spaces.  The application also contains an engine able to push coupons via Passbook to customers within a store, simply by recognizing a guest’s phone in their purse or pocket.

Here’s why we’re excited: think of this as the inverse of showrooming, when customers search for products online when inside of a store. When our technology is applied, consumers are reached on a unique and personal basis. Even better, this can be done with existing content management systems that host merchants may already employ. 

The possibilities to fundamentally alter the customer experience are endless. Remember when Tom Cruise walked through the futuristic mall in the Hollywood movie “Minority Report,” and the advertisements spoke to him via visual recognition? We’re already halfway to living in that world as the plethora of security cameras in use today could provide such a service, but no-one would be able to opt out.  NewAer technology uses the unique radio waves from a smartphone or wearable devices to allow users of the service to opt-in to such personalized messaging. 

Overall, the VentureBeat conference was very well attended and collected some of our peers in the enterprise and mobile data spaces. We sat in a panel with members of Intel Labs, EasilyDo, and the Basis watch to explain the onslaught of data that will come from the “quantified self” or wearable data revolution currently at hand.  More ambient data means more automation or decisions you can make to better yourself. And that is not a bad thing to keep you engaged in the real world, versus looking down at apps on a screen.

In the Venture Beat story from the panel on the abundance of sensor data they quip: “Ultimately, the panelists saw more potential for improving consumers lives with more data, rather than just becoming another headache. Particularly hopeful was Dave Mathews, chief executive of NewAer, who built an entire business around the inherent potential of sensor data.”

So what are you waiting for?  See what our SDK can do and innovate with us!