MWC, SXSW and CeBIT demos and acronyms!

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Dave presenting at 4YFN GSMA Barcelona

Dave presenting at 4YFN GSMA Barcelona

At Mobile World Congress AKA MWC, we pitched along side several startups at the SWELL innovation awards, where we won their Innovation award.

That win pushed us to a second round in front of a room full of executives from Unilever, the number two advertiser in the world, with brands like Axe, Dove and Magnum ice cream bars.  We pitched them on the future of marketing on mobile devices, with automated messaging around our favorite topic, proximity communications.  It was thrilling to have such a large audience and see them share in our excitement.

Our vision for connecting people together along with places where their brands are able to be purchased resonated with their top executives as we were chosen in the top 7 of four-hundred submissions to be a part of the Unilever Go Global program and cannot wait to give you further announcements on our joint product launch!  Because of our presentation, we were awarded a pilot contract one of the global giant’s brands to create a next generation proximity application for them.

This news comes after our quick stop to our favorite geek spring break event, South By Southwest – AKA SXSW where we presented our file-sharing product at demo showcases like the SWELL Austin event!  Thanks for having us back for two events in a row gang!  We also had a get-together with our investor Intel Capital, and a handful of their startup posse at Swift’s Attic, which was a great break from the rain on Saturday afternoon!

We bypassed the food trucks one night, for a delicious Texas steak dinner with our friends at PayPal, and hung with the Bluetooth SIG another evening where the term BTLE Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE was officially renamed Bluetooth Smart.  Thank you for simplifying the messaging gang!  At the Bluetooth meetup, we stressed that companies and app developers need to secure communications over wireless radios between devices, as any of this data can be captured “in flight” and needs to obfuscate usernames, identity tokens and URLS to identities like photo URLs.  Our proximity communications SDK helps those who are not experts in the “wireless data in motion” not have to worry about private data exposure, which could hamper the very industry, others are just getting started in.

This week, we were at CeBIT AKA Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie ind Telekommunikation which is the worlds largest computer expo, spanning 5 million sq feet and more than 200,000 attendees.  Here we debuted proximity in automotive retail showrooms and will have more to come on that as the weeks progress!

That’s a snapshot of our past few weeks at a glance, and we’re so thankful for the wins and proud of what we’ve accomplished – but we want to see how you are inspired by our engine, so check out our application which uses our proximity platform SDK to automate actions based upon nearby radio waves and show us what you have for an app idea.