Off we go with a Best Technology win at Launch 2011!

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We would like to give a big thanks to Jason Calacanis and his Grand Jury at for providing NeuAer with an awesome venue to launch our ProxPlatform and the first application built to our API, ToothTag.

We are working feverishly to ensure that our ProxPlatform is compatible with the myriad of software and hardware versions of Android, and in the near future, iOS devices. Stay tuned for our forthcoming ProxPlatform API launch. In the mean time, we are working with a dozen other developers to make sure we have anticipated other apps technology needs for the first proximity platform. Once these apps are ready, we will open the API for all to write to! If you want consideration into a test platform, please email developer at!

Download the App ToothTag for Android here: ToothTag in the Android Marketplace

Follow us on Twitter: and keep up to date with the application as well!