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For us, spring showers brought us March flowers, and that means the blossoming continues into April!

From what started with a shout of “we had a no-show, who can join us on stage” to a call from the huge router juggernaut and some ironically “light” reading, we’ve gotten some interesting press this spring as the world learns more of our engine powering proximity versus the stale notion of fixed location services.  We are chartering a new path where location is just extra “META” data around content.  From the old “LBS” days of check-ins, Facebook went META by placing location information alongside of your posts and Apple went this direction by placing pins on a map where you shoot your photos on the iPhone.  But we care about more than where you are, looking into what devices are around you and how you can leverage them.

NewAer and our SDKs are placed inside of your applications or network allow you to create true actions or reactions around a device, or group of devices.

But don’t just take it from us.  Here is what others are saying…

We kicked all of this spring goodness off post CES with an impromptu presentation at our buddy Myles’ SF NewTech meetup.  That video is here: SF New Tech 1/23/13 Event – NewAer

Nerd Stalker was there to give his review of the pitches here: www.nerdstalker.com/2013/01/recap-of-124-sf-new-tech-startup-night.html

Our “Context-aware computing” writeup in Cisco: newsroom.cisco.com/feature-content?type=webcontent&articleId=1157689

Light Reading “Proximity is where it’s at” At Mobile World Congress: www.lightreading.com/blog/mobile-applications/proximity-is-where-its-at/240149330

Additionally, those of you attending the Venture Beat Mobile Summit on April 1st and 2nd can see us chair the session on “Mobile as your remote control.”  But unlike your TV remote, our control happens with the phone in your pocket, not in your hand.

More info on Venture Beat Mobile 2013 is here: venturebeat.com/events/mobilesummit2013/

And since we are on a roll, you can also find us at the end of the month speaking on the Internet of Things with our friends from Deutschland and their MLOVE conference in Monterey.

The details on this conference in Monterey are here: www.mloveconfestival.com/usa/2013/

See you on the California Ocean side!

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