SXSW Wrap up – We are coming for an Interactive award in 2012!

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As I write this we are at 32,000 feet headed from Austin to the West Coast. This year’s SXSW Interactive show brought us new friends, new collaborations and a lot of great visibility! We are most excited about partnering with other developers and device manufacturers to bring you even cooler products and services to automate your digital life. Announcements to come on that front!

We started SXSW with a ToothTag demo at the Team Android challenge via sponsored by Appolicious to hundreds of people in an outdoor patio. Even our buddy Robert Scoble was in attendance showing his love for the platform. A huge thanks goes out to our buddy Matthias Galaca of ShareSquare who helped mange the onslought of questions from excited developers and users!

The Los Angeles based gang at My Location Scouts had us on their web cast and were as excited about what we are up to! Look for a pending video here:

At the SXSW Next Stage the team from Watchitoo had us on their live web cast that ran on the trade show page. Even better was that our lead-in was the guys from Funny or Die. They were cracking us up taking Tweets from the audience for topics of skits to perform!

The #SamsungSXSW blogger lounge hosts invited us to talk on stage with our friends Tom Conrad of Pandora Radio, and Damien Basile @db from Addieu. The three of us investigated intelligence from the cloud and accessing it via mobile devices – two of our favorite things!

Here’s what some people are saying about us in the press:
Right before SXSW, at the DEMO Conference, Google’s Don Dodge said “It’s a platform for connecting all kinds of devices, phones, cars and appliances and letting you know when they’re in proximity to you.” Network World – Meet Google’s human search engine for innovation.

On the Huffington Post Steve Rosembaum said “If you want to see into the future, take a look at ToothTag.” We predicted correctly that statement brought us joy!

Finally, our G4TV buddy Chris Hardwick @nerdist and MC’d the SXSW Interactive awards on Tuesday eve, the last day of the Interactive show. Not only did he crack us up with his sharp as a razor blade humor, we were inspired more than ever to come back next year to land a prize for ourselves. It’s amazing what technology has done to grow this conference from an anti-social overly-geeky “wearable tech clothing” event in the late 1990’s to “IRL connections from social sites” of today. Rest assured, we have some killer ideas for what will make this conference even more interactive and “automagic” than it has ever been before!

Now it’s back to our comfy beds and back to work. Developing the best platform to allow mobile developers the ability to easily integrate proximity into their apps. We will see you in Austin for 2012, but until then, here’s to some more cool stuff now!